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This week we saw a digital asset market that was again negative in price terms.

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Latest crypto news

LionTree Financial Advisory has been involved in several key Wall Street business acquisitions this year and is now finding more and more to like about crypto.
“By 2021, crypto has become so big, with a market capitalisation of 3 trillion. US dollars, crypto has become so big that it can no longer be ignored,” Bourkoff concludes. He sees the driving force for this as the fact that many investors have been looking for investment opportunities with higher interest rates and more returns because of rising inflation.
Bourkoff doesn’t want to miss out on this trend, which is why he explicitly hints that his company is considering adopting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment:
“We are currently exploring ways to introduce cryptocurrencies for our services as a payment option. In the not too distant future, we could then even launch our own LionTree cryptocurrency.”

Predictions regarding a Bitcoin (BTC) exchange rate of US$100,000 have been quiet since the asset hit its all-time high at US$69,000. But traders are not yet completely discouraged. Currently, most analysts consider the current price range as an optimal accumulation zone.
Last week, markets were a bit choppy as investors around the world became increasingly excited about the US Federal Open Market Committee meeting on 15 December. But now it has been confirmed that the US central bank is planning three rate hikes and a gradual reduction in bond purchases in 2022. This has provided some calm. Volatility is still expected.
Compared to past price movements after all-time highs, the current volatility in the market is no cause for alarm, according to independent market analyst Rekt Capital. On Twitter, he wrote that the market had similar bounces in previous bull markets. When fear subsides, it rises sharply.

SEC postpones filings on ‘direct’ bitcoin ETFs from Bitwise and Grayscale
The US Securities and Exchange Commission is postponing its decisions on the two bitcoin index funds until early February. Accordingly, as the SEC announced this week, the review deadlines for applications for a bitcoin (BTC) based index fund from NYSE Arca/Bitwise and Grayscale will each be extended.
The Securities and Exchange Commission now plans to issue a ruling on the Bitwise Bitcoin ETP Trust by February 1, while the review of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Bitcoin ETF is again expected to be completed by February 6.
“The Commission deems it appropriate to allow longer review periods for decisions on the requested introductions, and accompanying regulatory changes, so that they can be carefully considered and feedback can be obtained,” the SEC said in its statement of reasons.

Technical term of the week

Spot: Describes trading at the market price. Here, assets are bought without leverage and without increased risk with available capital. The pure asset movement also describes the profit or loss of the respective position.

Crypto Market

Last week, we saw market movements that led to the market experiencing another setback.Most of the notable financial markets are currently weakening. Many of the leading indices are also losing percentage points. This is also reflected in the digital assets. After Bitcoin failed to break the $50,000 level in the long run earlier this week, the market slid back to the levels of ~$46,000 – ~$47,000. Bitcoin moved in this trend channel throughout the week and failed to show any major bullish breakouts. Even the FED’s announcement that it would now raise interest rates slightly did not lead to any notable change in market patterns. The global uncertainty, which is flaring up again due to the rising Covid figures, the first lockdowns and travel restrictions are currently causing investors to avoid the markets. Thus, there is little buying pressure and the markets are running slightly downwards.


Bullish outlook: $50,000 established as support would put the market on solid footing at year-end and end the year successfully.

Bearish outlook: A loss of the support region at ~$45,000 could provide further downside and the market could slide towards $40,000 per bitcoin.