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This week we saw a positive market movements.

Weekly overview

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Latest crypto news

The Ether price reaches the next record high, but transaction fees are also rising to record heights, dampening sentiment. The fresh upswing is partly due to increased interest in Decentralised Financial Services (DeFi), as many projects from this line of business are based on the Ethereum blockchain. However, this is also pushing the Ethereum blockchain’s transaction fees to record highs. “This is a real crisis. We can grab our popcorn already, because it will be exciting to see how Ethereum manoeuvres its way out of this misery again.” Transaction fees were over $23 at times.

Grayscale has made frequent headlines this year thanks to record-breaking BTC buying and demand. But despite the inflows, the BTC/USD pair has been unable to rise further.
At the beginning of February, the trust’s buying premium is around US$6.50. Before that, however, it could go as high as 40 US dollars. In the past, this has coincided with a strong fluctuation. Large premiums, on the other hand, mean large upward movements for Bitcoin. As soon as they are released, Bitcoin tends to shoot upwards as customers reinvest their profits in BTC. The period before that is characterised by a lack of price development.

Michael Wu admits that Bitcoin will continue to be very volatile, but the cryptocurrency is now no longer a speculative bubble. “In the beginning, this lack of understanding, this scepticism, leads to high price volatility. However, I am convinced that Bitcoin can no longer be called a speculative bubble, because in the meantime all the institutional investors, the billionaires and the billion-dollar corporations have entered the crypto market. ” Accordingly, the combination of limited supply and increasing demand is seen as the driving force behind Bitcoin’s rising price trend in the long run.

Technical term of the week

Double-Top: A double top is an extremely bearish technical reversal pattern that forms after an asset reaches a high price two consecutive times with a moderate decline between the two highs. It is confirmed once the asset’s price falls below a support level equal to the low between the two prior highs.

Crypto Market

This week bitcoin had a very positive week. After the consolidation led to new support levels being found and the market being able to hold the “high” levels, there was buying pressure in the market.
Large institutions continue to enter the market and private investors continue to buy every dip.
After bitcoin formed a local low at ~$32,000 earlier in the week, the price rose to ~$36,500 without any significant setbacks. After another sideways move and formation of new support, the market climbed to the “magic” $40,000 level. Here we saw the first major profit-taking and the price slipped to ~$37,000 to form further supports, which subsequently enabled a positive start to the week, so that the $40,000 mark is again within striking distance. Bitcoin has been swinging sideways since the beginning of January, but altcoins were able to take advantage of this to rise further.
The market showed bullish movements over a long stretch. Altcoins were also able to rise from the formed supports and thus the week could be shaped positively.


Bulish outlook: If Bitcoin crosses $40,000 in the long term, the market could experience “FOMO” (Fear of missing out) and drive prices even higher.

Bearish outlook: The Chinese New Year could lead to selling pressure if Bitcoin fails to form new highs at the same time.