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This week we saw new bullish movements in nearly all digital assets!

Weekly overview

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Latest crypto news

Bitcoin’s (BTC) ongoing upward trend seems to have no end, which is why several experts now agree that the market-leading cryptocurrency is rather in a “super uptrend”.
“In the last 4 weeks, retail investors have come back. So we are now only in the middle phase of the uptrend. It’s an uptrend like never before,” says Woo.
Held goes a stage further and says that the re-entry of the general public heralds the “super uptrend”, which Woo affirms with reservations.

The American retail giant Amazon is working on a new service that will enable its customers to pay with digital currencies.
According to a new job advertisement from Amazon, the company is currently setting up a team of developers for the project. The service, called “Digital and Emerging Payments” (DEP), will initially be launched in Mexico.

The head of the European Central Bank (ECB) calls it “unthinkable” that central banks will hold Bitcoin (BTC) as a reserve currency in the near future. “It’s very unlikely, I would even say it’s unthinkable,” as the ECB chief says in reference to possible Bitcoin investments by central banks.
Lagarde, however, is known for her criticism of the market-leading cryptocurrency, which may not be without ulterior motives, as Bitcoin is flourishing just at a time when the ECB is printing masses of new money to keep the European economy afloat in times of Corona crisis.

Technical term of the week

Rock-bottom: The lowest price considered possible for an asset. Colloquially often used to seize opportunities and establish new long-term positions in the market.

Crypto Market

This week we saw positive movements in the markets. Many digital assets were able to make an upward move after slight consolidation and seem to remain bullish from mass adoption.
Market capitalisation rose to over $1.5 trillion and bitcoin was able to establish new all-time highs this week as well. The bullish cycle we are currently in seems to be seeing initial resistance (around $50,000), but is taking advantage of any support and any small sell-off to make new attempts at new highs.


Bulish outlook: If Bitcoin can hold the $45,000 level in the long term, the $50,000 level could be attacked.

Bearish outlook: If $40,000 does not hold, the market could be temporarily bearish and lead to further selling.