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This week we saw a market in digital assets that was slightly negative in the wake of another interest rate hike in the US.

Weekly overview

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Digital Asset News

US-based crypto exchange Coinbase has no plans whatsoever to withdraw its business from the US, as CEO Brian Armstrong has now confirmed during a press conference on the quarterly report for Q1 2023.
On 5 May, Armstrong accordingly assured shareholders that the company will remain 100% based in the US market in the long term, despite regulatory uncertainties in the US.
“I’ll be clear, we are 100% committed to the US. I started this company in the US because I value the rule of law here. It’s very important and I’m very optimistic that the US will find the right solution [for dealing with crypto].”
The optimism Armstrong alludes to stems from his confidence that Congress will soon pass a clear set of rules that crypto companies can finally follow:
“In my visits to Washington, I’ve sensed great bipartisan support for new legislation that would create clearer rules [for crypo] in the US, and I think it’s really important for America that we get this right.”

Crypto exchange Coinbase narrowed its net loss significantly in the first quarter of 2023, thanks in part to robust revenues from retail trading.
The company’s net loss narrowed accordingly from $557m in Q4 2022 to $79m in Q1, largely driven by a 22% increase in revenue to $736m.
The positive results even exceeded the expectations of some analysts, which in turn resulted in a 7% increase in the Coinbase share price.
This clearly shows that retail customers continue to be of enormous importance for the digital asset market, although institutional investors could displace them in the long run.

Crypto exchange Coinbase has been vindicated in court, which now forces the US Securities and Exchange Commission to respond to its handling of cryptocurrencies within 10 days. aut Grewal said the court’s response is a written order that now requires the SEC to respond to Coinbase’s so-called “Writ of Mandamus” within 10 days. The writ of mandamus is an American legal remedy by which an official body (e.g. a public authority) can be ordered to comply with a legal obligation. This could create rapid tension, as now the SEC will have to change its tactics and should come out in favour of clear regulation.

Thought of the week

An increase in key interest rates, with an increasing probability of interest rate pauses, tend to make market participants optimistic. However, a recession needed to tighten the balance sheet only works if the labour market weakens. Currently, there is no sign of weakness in the labour market, so it will be interesting to see how the US and European central banks react to this contradictory market behaviour. It is already clear how tense the mood is in some sectors due to the rapid interest rate hikes.

Digital Asset Markt

Last week, there were market movements that ultimately led to no / small price changes.

Bitcoin and the digital asset market are still in a consolidation phase, which can ideally be used to form a strong support. The renewed interest rate hike on the part of the FED did not come as a surprise, but the labour market data are too “positive” to assume a “safe” pause in interest rates. This ensured that the markets experienced little movement and volatility before the interest rate decision and could not profit from it afterwards. A lack of buying volume made it “easy” for short-sellers to drive the price down a few percentage points this week. Bitcoin is still in the trend channel between $27,500 – $30,000 and could use these levels for a solid foundation and a renewed upswing.


Bullish outlook: Positive markets and a support settlement could move Bitcoin towards $30,000 quite quickly.

Bearish outlook: Low volume in the market and negative global markets could cause a downturn towards $25,000.