About Teroxx

As a team that has been operating since 2016, the founding of Teroxx in 2018 has brought our expertise to the attention of the public. Previously, our work had only ever served a select group of investors and for our own benefit. Due to the steady growth of the digital asset market and the trading volume of Teroxx, which already amounts to several million US-Dollars, the trading team now comprises over 25 people who focus on profitable investments. In order to be able to cope with this task and meet the high demands of Teroxx and its investors, it is necessary to act in a highly professional manner.

Tailor-made strategies

For this reason, the risk-reward-ratio on the market is analysed before any action is taken in order to evaluate profitable situations on the market. In view of a positively assessed market situation, it is our goal to always promote the in-house fund by generating profits. Through discretionary and software-based trading we are able to apply diversified strategies adapted to the previously analysed market situations. Only if the risk-reward-ratio is in line with our optimized profit expectation a trade will be executed. Our goal is not to achieve the maximum and therefore often risky profits, but to establish profit-optimized, long-term and consistently positive strategies.