Profitable wealth creation
in the digital economy requires longstanding

About us

As a team that has been operating since 2016, the founding of Teroxx in 2018 has brought our expertise to the attention of the public. Previously, our work had only ever served a select group of investors and for our own benefit. Due to the steady growth of the digital asset market and the trading volume of Teroxx, which already amounts to several million US-Dollars, the trading team now comprises over 25 people who focus on profitable investments.

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Digital Assets

Many digital assets have a high volatility. Traditional valuation and analysis strategies cannot be applied to the majority of these assets because they are based on atypical and new fundamentals. Digital assets are therefore often very difficult for investors to assess. Making sustainable and profitable investment decisions is therefore associated with a very high risk without market knowledge.

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Teroxx can rely on a wide range of diversified established trading strategies. These strategies allow us to be able to trade actively on the market in almost every market situation.

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Performance of all traded crypto currencies

The performance is based on the strategic use of diversified trading strategies. The aim is to achieve constant profits To be realised in the long term with a balanced risk/reward ratio.

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